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Karen Sayre. - On top of a glacier in NZ


Karen Sayre, professional photographer – I’m a professional photographer owner-founder of Eikon Photography providing business headshots and corporate event photography throughout the Washington DC, DMV region.  Originally from London, England, I found my way to Washington DC in 2001, following adventures in NYC and Boston.  I trained to become a professional photographer at the New England School of Photography in Boston. My journey into becoming a professional photographer took root in the late 1980s in New York, and this passion eventually led to the establishment of Eikon Photography in the 90s.

I specialize in business headshots and corporate event photography as a professional photographer. This path began with my immersion in the energetic streets of NYC. Since then, my camera has traversed diverse landscapes and cultures worldwide, from Zanzibar’s serene shores to Indonesia’s spiritual scenes and New Zealand’s glacial wonders.

My interests also extend beyond photography. I have a penchant for culinary delights and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, often accompanied by my two crazydogs and my supportive wife. Intellectual curiosity drives me, and engaging in stimulating conversations during vibrant dinner parties is a cherished pastime.

Community and diversity are core values for me. As a professional photographer, I aim to capture the essence of events and moments in a way that resonates authentically. This philosophy extends to my interactions with clients, old and new alike. Fostering enduring relationships and understanding each client’s unique vision are of utmost importance.

Reflecting on my journey from a photography enthusiast in New York to becoming a certified professional photographer, I’m grateful for the evolution. This path has allowed me to turn my passion into a profession. With each click of the camera, I aim to freeze moments in time and contribute to the art of visual storytelling.When I 

 As a professional photographer, I focus on capturing authentic and impactful moments in a wide variety of settings.  Whether I’m documenting significant events, covering news stories, or capturing conferences, photography serves as a powerful medium to convey narratives and action.
In a world saturated with visuals, the role of a professional photographer goes beyond just capturing photographs; you’re part of shaping perspectives and narratives. The power of visual storytelling contributes to a greater understanding of the world around us.

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