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event photography

event photography

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia host a huge variety of events. Honestly, I can't think of a type or size event I've not photographed. Our client list includes government entities, fortune 500 companies as well as individuals and non-profits.

conference photography

Larger events like conferences, galas, etc. of all sizes, styles, atmospheres, and purposes.

everything else

Foodie events, corporate golf events, PR, book launching, openings, closings, contract signings, holiday parties, religious celebrations, military funerals...and a lot more.

about Event photography

We can scale up for major large events while at the same time being unobtrusive and discreet. Whether your event is a half-day or multi-day, multi-location requiring a team of event photographers and videographers we can help.

  1. We can provide same day and next day delivery options to help maximize social media efforts.

  2. If your event is sensitive or small, we have silent shooting options that really help ensure we are unobtrusive.

  3. Consistently high-quality hassle-free event photography coverage. We are accustomed to working directly with clients or collaborating with event planning professionals to provide powerful images that reflect your conference and serve to energize your base and enhance future conference attendance.

  4. Need online galleries of your event? We can provide online photo galleries of your event for purchase or free digital download. These can be passworded or public as your needs dictate

conference photography

When photographing a conference event, our goal is to capture the “look and feel” of a conference, the energy and ‘buzz’ of an event. It’s not just the obvious speaker/audience shots (although clearly, these are important) but framing images that optimize the attendance and diversity of the audience. The speakers and VIP’s are important, but so are the attendees and other peripheral events. Early morning breakfast networking, messaging signs and banners, and registration. The networking that takes place during the breaks between sessions is something your audience wants to see. Equally important is the coverage of all the general sessions with an emphasis on keynote speakers and appearances by top officers of the companies. We often travel with clients a year to year to different locations

advocacy & hill visits

Groups come from all over the country and the world to lobby Congress and most don’t know they can bring a professional photographer along with them to every meeting, interaction, and reception with members of Congress. I love shooting these types of events. Frequently hectic, always inspiring. The need is to communicate their passion and commitments to their mission and inspire and engage new supporters. Discretion during meetings with Senators and Congressmen is essential in order to not distract from the message. Politicians like having photographers at these meetings. It is to their advantage to show they are engaged and listening to constituents. This is not the case with video, where what they say can be edited for an unintended meaning, or where it puts them on the record. Also, video requires more people and gear, which can be distracting and disruptive. When shooting Hill Day lobbying type events schedules can change rapidly. Senators and Congress members frequently get called away and meetings can get canceled. It’s great to have a spreadsheet of different meetings with the most important highlighted and ideally not at the same time on opposite sides of the Hill (I’m good, but not THAT good). It’s also really helpful to get action shots of groups moving between meetings and arriving at the House/Senate buildings. Shots that have movement in them are particularly effective. After a long day visiting with representatives, there is often a reception, a social opportunity for participants to discuss their efforts and relax. We often get great shots at the end of the day.

...all those other events

Foodie and lifestyle events are some of my favorite events to shoot (being a foodie myself). Along with expected shots, I tend to focus not just on the engagement and energy of the event but also the details and styling of the event. Food of course, yet also decor and lighting. Using low light cameras to capture the event and it’s lighting. Frequently there are several clients for whom images are required. For example the social media team, the marketing company, the sponsor company, the chefs, etc.

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We are privileged to work with many Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and academic organizations. We value diversity, equality and inclusivity.

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