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Corporate event photography

Event Photography Washington DC. Awards presentation SBA small business week
Corporate Event Photography Washington DC. Panel discussion
Event Photography, SommCon Washington DC

DC event photographers

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia hosts a diverse spectrum of events. We have 25 years experience in corporate event photography, covering every type of event.. Our clientele spans government entities, Fortune 500 companies, as well as individuals and non-profit organizations, reflecting our broad and versatile expertise in this field.

conference photography

We specialize in corporate event photography, with 25+ years experience photographing conferences, galas, award ceremonies, and speaker events in Washington DC. Our team documents each event comprehensively, focusing on the the main event but also focusing on the energy, diversity and vibrancy of the event. Whether a conference or speaker engagement, our services deliver visually engaging corporate event photography.

hill visits & advocacy

We specialize in capturing compelling images of Hill visits and lobbying days for nonprofit organizations, trade associations, and policy-driven change makers.

everything else

From exquisite foodie events and corporate golf tournaments to impactful PR campaigns, book launchings, momentous openings and closings, vital contract signings, holiday parties and reverent military funerals... and so much more.

event photography: about our approach

Photography for Corporate Events

Our event photography services are ideal for corporate events, providing professionalism and discretion. From half-day to multi-day, multi-location events, we handle varying scales effectively. We seamlessly cover major events without disruption and offer same-day or next-day delivery for social media engagement. We respect sensitivity with silent shooting options. Expect high-quality event photos that meets or exceeds expectations. Working with clients or event planners, our aim is to capture impactful images that reflect your conference essence, energize your audience, and enhance future attendance. Our expertise lies in capturing moments that convey your story.

Event Photography conference. Marriott Wardman
Event Photography Library of Congress Washington DC
professional business photos Washington DC

conference photography

The main objective of professional at a conference or corporate event is to capture the essence and atmosphere of the gathering. It goes beyond just capturing the obvious speaker and audience shots, although these are undeniably significant. Our focus is on framing images that showcase the diverse attendance and highlight the energy and engagement throughout the event. From early morning breakfast networking to the messaging signs, banners, and registration, we aim to capture the entirety of the experience. We also recognize the importance of documenting the networking that occurs during session breaks, as it is something that your audience values. Additionally, we ensure comprehensive coverage of all general sessions, particularly emphasizing keynote speakers and appearances by top company officials. Our commitment to providing exceptional service is exemplified by our willingness to accompany clients to different locations year after year.

advocacy & hill visits

Event photography plays a crucial role in enhancing the impact of non-profit lobbying day visits to Capitol Hill. Bringing along a professional photographer provides organizations with a strategic tool to document and showcase their advocacy efforts. The significance of these visits lies in the opportunity to engage directly with congressmen and senators, conveying their mission and goals. A skilled event photographer can capture the essence of these interactions, visually communicating the dedication and commitment of the organization to its members.

By documenting the meetings, conversations, and receptions with lawmakers, photography offers a tangible representation of the organization’s work. The visual narrative created through these photographs becomes a powerful asset in illustrating the purpose and impact of the lobbying day. When shared with members, stakeholders, and the public, these images provide a genuine and relatable insight into the organization’s advocacy initiatives.

Furthermore, event photography adds a layer of professionalism and credibility to the non-profit’s endeavors. The presence of a professional photographer signifies the importance of the occasion and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to transparency and accountability. The resulting visual content can be utilized in various communication channels, such as websites, social media, reports, and presentations, amplifying the reach and influence of lobbying day efforts.

In conclusion, event photography for non-profit lobbying day visits serves as a valuable asset in capturing the essence of the organization’s engagement with congressmen and senators. Visual documentation becomes an essential tool in conveying the organization’s dedication, impact, and purpose to its members and beyond

types of events: foodie, golf, openings PR events

I thoroughly enjoy capturing foodie and lifestyle events, as they align perfectly with my passion for all things culinary. During these occasions, I pay special attention not only to capturing expected shots, but also to the vibrancy and ambiance of the event, including the meticulous details and stylish elements. From tantalizing dishes, to exquisite decor and lighting, every aspect is carefully documented using low light cameras that truly bring out the essence of the event and its lighting. Often, there are multiple clients who require images, ranging from the social media team and marketing company to the sponsor company and the esteemed chefs involved.

There are many types of event photography. In addition to foodie and lifestyle event photography, I also have extensive experience covering galas and award ceremonies. Event photography for these high-profile events require a keen eye for capturing the glamour and significance of the occasion, ensuring that the attendees and award recipients are immortalized in their finest moments. With my technical expertise and creative vision, I strive to deliver event photography that truly represent the essence of these prestigious events.


We are privileged to work with many Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and academic organizations. We value diversity, equality and inclusivity.

Corporate Event Photography

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