Too funny …

Too funny …

wonder why you’re getting that puzzled look from people?

When I saw this cartoon, I just knew I had to post it about it.

I live on Capitol Hill and every month I thumb through the latest edition of the Hill Rag where urgent matters of local interest are expounded upon. Parking, restaurants, zoning board, garden tours etc. etc. It’s a great read actually and it’s ever expanding advertising base is in stark contrast to the rest of the newspaper industry.  Real estate is always well represented in the advertising section and for the last 12 years that I’ve lived on the Hill I have seen the exact same advertisement with the exact same headshot of the realtor who sold me my house on Capitol Hill 13 years ago. That headshot was at least 10 years out of date even then. What prevents us from updating our headshot that we put out there into the world and cyber-sphere? Time? Money? No. it’s that we can get stuck in a time warp if we’re not careful. There was that one good headshot of us that time, and you just keep using it and using it. Suddenly you’re  that person wearing the high waisted pants and in the windmills of our minds you are still ‘that’ person. That’s fine when you’re standing in privacy of the mirror in the morning in those tiny running shorts circa Magnum PI, but what impression does it give to the rest of the universe when they meet you? In my case I did not hire that realtor when I recently sold my house. Why? Because, true or not, my perception was that they had not kept up with a fast moving world, and all the tsunami of new technology, social media etc. Maybe that’s an unfair assumption on my part, but as a consumer – we make judgements based on perception.

Thanks to the very talented Tim Wyatt for permission to use his work. and Facebook page

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