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corporate headshots for individuals & organizations

Headshot photography for attorneys


A headshot is like your virtual self: it’s the first thing a client or colleague sees on your bio page; it accompanies every pitch, every email you send; it’s even on every instant message you send!

for organizations

Our mobile studio is an excellent cost-effective way for organizations of all sizes to create consistent professional head shots without disruption to employees Pricing is calculated based on the number of employees.

conference headshot lounge

A great option either as a conference marketing value, or a way to create a consistent professional look for staff during all-hands or internal corporate conferences.

Headshots DC

corporate headshots

We strongly believe in providing a seamless experience when it comes to getting a new headshot. Our goal is to simplify the process from start to finish, offering convenient online booking, professional shooting, prompt delivery, and reliable customer support. Our headshots are meticulously crafted to accurately reflect your professional and personal aspirations. We take the time to understand your requirements and provide guidance throughout the entire process, tailoring your headshot to your preferences, specifications, and intended purposes.

The business headshot for individuals

  • We take pride in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere where we’ll bring out your best expression with a mix of direction and conversation. Without ever rushing, we know how to quickly break through the awkwardness of a portrait session to capture expressions that are both approachable and professional.
  • Our image selection process fits your schedule: select the best image with our guidance during the shoot! You’ll leave knowing you got a great headshot. Once your final choices are made, we retouch your image (face it we all need it) and deliver your image electronically the same day or the next morning. We promise to make you happy or your money back. Please see FAQ for answers to questions. 


  • When choosing a photographer for your staff headshots, you are choosing how your brand is going to be represented to the world, giving your clients a sense of your organization, its culture, and credibility.
  • We believe in making business portraits that look like real people – at their very best. We don’t rely on makeup artists  (BUT WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE A RETOUCHER), we use our lighting and photography know-how to make your team look great, and to make them look like themselves..
  • We can customize your team head shot experience – you’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish. We can match existing style sheets, and collaborate with web designers or creative teams to produce a look that reflects your company’s brand and values.

    Our on-site mobile studio solution provides a cost-effective streamlined and efficient solution. Our on-location studio minimizes completion time, keeps employee inconvenience to a minimum, and ensures that ALL your intended head shots are achieved.

    All we need is a space to use. we provide the background and state-of-the-art equipment. Retouching is provided as per studio sessions.  Because of the efficient use of time, our on-site solutions can provide significant cost savings compared to individual in-studio business portrait pricing. Pricing is based on the number of people to be photographed. 

    The key to successfully fulfilling high-volume head shots is a combination of technical expertise, efficient workflow, and the ability to coach subjects in a friendly, approachable but professional way. Putting subjects at ease is crucial to a successful headshot.

    The on-site mobile photography studio solution provides a cost-effective streamlined and efficient solution for volume headshot requirements.

    • Shooting directly to the laptop allows for onsite review which keeps employee inconvenience to a minimum.
    • Minimizes completion time. Fully retouched headshots delivered within 48 hours while ensuring ALL head-shots are achieved.
    • On-site real-time review guarantees participants LIKE their headshots


Headshot booth services in the context of conferences serve our clients in two valuable ways. Firstly, they act as an effective event marketing tool, providing attendees with a memorable takeaway. Secondly, all-hands meetings, especially for geographically dispersed organizations, require high-quality head shots of their employees for marketing materials and websites. The need to convey consistency and professionalism, aligning seamlessly with their branding efforts. By shooting tethered to a laptop and offering immediate reviews and selection options for attendees, we ensure that retouched final headshot are delivered within a few days after the event. This streamlined process eliminates the hassle of back-and-forth communication and enhances efficiency for you, your employees, and your marketing department. Additionally, our services are provided at a fraction of the cost incurred under other circumstances.


The Headshot Lounge offers a powerful marketing strategy to attract a crowd to your booth. Unlike any other sponsorship opportunity, the Headshot Lounge generates the kind of buzz that captivates attendees. With professional business headshots, we bring the crowd to you, giving you ample time to connect with potential customers.

Our high-quality portraits not only make individuals look good but also serve as a memorable event marketing giveaway. Planning is minimal, and we handle all the logistics seamlessly.

The Headshot Lounge is at the forefront of headshot trends. As professionals increasingly need a headshot for various purposes, our service becomes an ideal solution. Utilizing our state-of-the-art camera-to-laptop system, attendees can view and select their favorite shots instantly. With a branded email from your organization, attendees can easily share their headshot photo on social media, creating a snowball effect of participation in the Headshot Lounge. Additionally, upon request, we can provide a comprehensive attendee list with contact information, allowing your marketing department to explore further networking opportunities.

Don’t settle for forgettable giveaways like branded lanyards. Instead, make a lasting impression with the Headshot Lounge – the premier professional photography booth corporate events.

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We are privileged to work with many Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and academic organizations. We value diversity, equality and inclusivity.