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Headshots for men: Tie or no tie. Maybe try both. Read on

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Headshots for women. What to wear. Read on

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If you don't see the answer you need listed, please call or email or call and we will be happy to answer your questions


Standard retouching on business headshots includes improving skin texture, removing blemishes, under-eye darkness, and fine wrinkles and lines. We tone down any excessive redness in skin tones, brighten your smile and your eyes… and you’ll love the way you look!


45 minutes depending on which type of business headshots session you choose. Please see our pricing options. During the headshot session, we will review the business headshots with you in real time on our laptop. We assist you in picking the best headshots. You leave happy and tell all your friends, family, and coworkers about how great we are.

YES. – We prefer to deliver the same day or the next day. (We don’t like homework). Your retouched business headshots are delivered electronically via WeTransfer or other electronic delivery systems. We understand deadlines so will always go the extra mile to make sure you have your business headshots in time for any looming deadlines.

Preferably, men should be cleanly shaven. Women should have their hair and makeup already done. Throughout the headshot session, we will periodically review images with you to make any necessary adjustments to posing and lighting. We can take as many breaks as needed to ensure your comfort, relaxation, and that your appearance is precisely as desired. Our objective is to provide you with the best business headshots that align with your preferences. THINNER, YOUNGER, MORE ATTRACTIVE!

I’m a believer in keeping things simple and being authentic. so wear clothes that are in keeping with your own sense of taste and style. Please think about how these images will be used when you are choosing your wardrobe.
Men: Solid jackets, colorful ties (not the Christmas tie, Grateful Dead tie, or your favorite tie from 1985 – even if your mother did give it to you)  ’No tie’ can also be a great look with a sports jacket. Women: Black/dark colors are slimming, but bright colors also add a LOT of pop. If you are unsure, please bring some alternate choices and we can see what works the best for you. Your business headshots should be an authentic representation of you. Below here are links to a couple of blog posts that may help in terms of what to wear for your business headshots. 

When choosing attire for professional headshots, it’s best to steer clear of busy patterns, logos, plunging necklines, and pastel colors. These elements can often detract from your skin tone and overall image. Opt for simpler and more flattering clothing choices to ensure a polished and professional look in your headshot photographs.

Bring anything that helps us help you.  Do you need to? No – not necessary at all.

Although we ask that you arrive ready for your business headshots, please feel free to bring a couple of clothing options if you’re unsure. If you’ve seen a style you like, let’s look at it. If we need to match your company website, no problem – just give us the specs. Our goal is to make your business headshots session 100% successful. 

TRAVEL & PARKING INFO. Visiting the Eikon Photography Studio + Office

Opposite the Eastern Market Metro!! The entrance to 700 Pennsylvania Ave SE is directly next to the entrance to the Trader Joe’s

700 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Suite 2078,

Washington DC 20003

Parking. The entrance to the parking garage is at 8th and C st SE. There is also a good bit of on-street metered parking

Yes, see above. Plus it’s free for 90 minutes with validation from the Trader Joe’s

Things happen, I get it. We’re all adults here, so I ask that should you need to cancel or reschedule – please let me know. It’s a people business and no one likes to be left in the lurch.

If you are unhappy, then we will gladly reshoot, retouch, or refund. No hard feelings! 

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business headshot - Corporate Headshots - executive Headshots - professional Portraits: whats the difference, and does it matter ?

types of headshots?

Are you wondering about the distinctions between business headshots, corporate headshots, and executive portraits? Truly these terms are used interchangeably, and honestly, any distinction that used to exist has pretty much disappeared.  Business headshots is a term that best describes what most clients need for professional purposes. Your business headshots can be used for various needs, such as online profiles like LinkedIn or for marketing materials.  The term ‘corporate headshots’ is probably a narrower term, but it’s semantics. Any headshots that authentically represent a person can be used for company websites, press releases, or annual reports.  I  don’t see much distinction between business headshots and corporate headshots. Lastly, executive portraits are tailored specifically to capture the essence of top-level executives and are often seen in larger-scale publications or on company leadership boards. These really do tend to be a bit more on the formal side, but that depends on the type of industry you are in. As long as you are happy with the results, it is the right headshot for you.

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