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Wondering what to wear for your professional business headshots?

We’ve all been there. Rummaging through your closet looking for something to wear. That won’t work. Nope, not quite the look you’re going for. Haven’t worn this in ages. You think to yourself, “when in the world was this even given to me?!” Ten minutes later you give up, throwing your hands in the air, exclaiming you have nothing to wear.  Deciding on the best clothes for an event, occasion, or even just day to day can be a real drag. Deciding on what to wear for professional headshots is no different.


Should I wear a tie for my business headshots?

The most common question men ask me prior to having their business headshot taken is, “Should I wear a tie?” and if so “What color tie should I wear?” I typically recommend a business headshot that allows for two looks so it’s a win/win. The one thing that’s for sure is the more comfortable you feel in what you’re wearing, the more comfortable you’ll look in your business headshots. It’s vital when it comes to professional headshots to be relaxed so you can portray your natural authentic self. In my personal experience, I have found that men are more at ease and smile more when they aren’t wearing a tie. However, if a tie is your go-to outfit of choice, it may portray you best in professional headshots. I’ve had guys bring almost every tie they own along to the studio. I’m fine with that, let’s take a look. Having said that you might want to leave that tie with the Christmas trees at home :-)

Take a look at these client’s business headshots and decide for yourself. What do you think? Which tie? Or do you prefer no tie

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