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headshots what to wear

Women's Headshots Washington DC

headshots what to wear

What to wear for headshots. It’s by far the No.1 question I get asked about headshot sessions. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of ‘rules’ and what women should or shouldn’t wear in their headshots, because we are all very different looking and I like to encourage clients to play to their strengths and express a strong visual that enhances their personal branding.

Standard professional headshots crop just around or below the bust line so that’s what most concerns us here. This graphic suggests some do’s and don’ts on necklines for women’s headshots and whilst it’s got some useful points, everything here should have ‘maybe’ written next to it. What’s true for one woman is not so for us all.  A woman’s age, weight, and coloring are big factors in whether this graphic holds true.  There’s only one suggestion I make, which is to avoid a plunging neckline if possible. Rather than get too buried in the weeds of being told what to wear, why not ask yourself a few simple questions.  Here are a few things to help.

  • What colors do I look good in? It’s true  – eye-catching bright and jewel-toned colors USUALLY are best.
  • How do I feel about my neck? Sounds simple enough right.
  • How do I feel about my arms? Much more complicated. After 30 years of photographing women, I know for sure that 75% of women I ask are highly critical of their arms. If you’re in that 75% – then avoid a sleeveless outfit for your headshot.
  • jewelry – yes .. bring some along and we’ll work it out.
  • Scarves – can work if it suits your personality.
  • What are the outfits you have that make you feel empowered? How an outfit makes you feel really helps when you’re in front of the camera

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