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How to resize headshots for LinkedIn

How to Resize Headshots Quickly and Easily

how to resize headshots for linkedIn

headshots: quick resize headshots for social media

Let’s face it. Technology is amazing. However, it can also be really frustrating. Something that seems so simple can turn out to be a hugely complicated process. For example, you have probably been in the position of wanting to simply upload a photo, and then find out that your image is either too small or too big. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Here’s how to resize headshots for your social media profile.

If you have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or a company website, you have most likely gotten the notification that your original picture is three times too big. Ugh, right?! I know everyone does not have an expensive Adobe product, but really want to fill that specific space on your website. Here is a very easy and quick solution to your problem.

Here’s the easiest third party site I have found that will quickly and easily help you resize headshots

Check out the sizing chart below, it may help as well.

Headshot social media profile photo sizes Linkedin, google+ Twitter, Facebook[/caption]


Resize Headshots

PC Users:

All PC’s come with free software already installed, called Windows Office Picture Manager. I’m not a PC user, but my PC user friends assure me this works.
  1. Right-click on the picture you want to resize and select “Open With…” you should see the program on that list. If not, you can press your Start Button and it will be in your list of programs.
  2. Click “resize” on the right column, and click the drop-down “predefined width x height.”
  3. Select Web – small (or big if you need a bigger image; making a photo bigger may distort the image)
  4. Click “Save As” when you are done resizing your image. Be sure to save the file under a DIFFERENT name than the original.

Mac Users:

An easy way to resize a photo on a Mac computer is to use iPhoto. You can also use where you can upload your image to the website, and it will resize it for you. They have step-by-step instructions on their home page for you to easily follow!
Best profile photo size for social media
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