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sd card broken

When SD cards go bad…and they will

SD CARDS. Avoid catastrophe, sleep better

broken sd card

SD cards. We rely on them every single work day. In fact we barely even think about the SD cards in our cameras. Well here’s why you should. Regardless of the make  Sandisk, Lexar, Sony,  PNY, (we all have our favorites)  pro grade or consumer – they can, and will fail. If you’re still shooting a camera with just one slot … upgrade. If you are only shooting to one card in your camera: stop right now and change to dual writing to two cards. Yes it can be slower, but not by much. SD cards fail. It’s been five years since a card of mine failed, but it did today. It was a shoot that couldn’t be redone, but that’s okay BECAUSE I HAD A BACKUP COPY ON THE CARD IN THE SECOND SLOT.   It may only happen to you every five years but protect your work and your business.

I’m not publishing this for any other reason than to save someone else’s butt and reputation –  shoot a backup.

What happens if your SD card fails and you didn’t have it written on the second slot of your camera? If it’s a physically obvious issue like in the above photo, no reader I know of will work. You may be able to send it off for a very expensive ‘clean room’ effort. Chances are it will cost more than the job you did and if your job was time sensitive, then you’re not in a happy place. Also the chances of losing  a client is pretty high.  If there’s no obvious damage, then you can try some of the software options out there. I’ve linked to a few, but I’m not endorsing any of them, my guess is you’ll get some images back and some will be partial. Just my 2cents worth, but if it’s your only option then try it.

These folks specifically advertise SD card recovery. Like I said, I’m not endorsing.

These guys …. at your own risk. I absolutely don’t recommend them. They install secret files on your laptop that will gobble up your hard drive storage. Unless you uninstall in a very specific way, you will never know it’s still using up space. It happened to a colleague of mine and they almost threw their laptop in the river: it was a problem!

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