LinkedIn Headshots – A White background is the best way to go.

LinkedIn headshots - White background is the best way to go. Headshots are an important tool for a professional first impression. LinkedIn profiles play an increasingly important [...]

How to get the best headshots

First impressions are incredibly important, both in our personal and professional lives. In a career setting, the first impression often comes before we ever meet the [...]

Real Estate Headshots

Real Estate Headshots: Enhance your brand with great headshots Realtors know the value of home. Not just financially but emotionally. Home is such an important [...]

Professional Headshots: Tie or no tie?

Wondering what to wear for your  professional headshots? We've all been there. Rummaging through your closet looking for something to wear. That won't work. Nope, not [...]

Male Headshots

Male headshots. A good business headshot communicates who you are and what you do. This is true universally, but there are some questions that are gender specific. [...]

Professional Headshots.

Female Headshot The Female Headshot Tips for Women…how to look great for your business headshot…. A good business headshot helps you communicate who you [...]