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PanCan 5K Race Washington D.C.

Every year the Purple Stride has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Pancreatic Cancer. Capturing this year’s Purple Stride in Washington DC was a memorable experience, to say the least. As their event photography expert, I could tell that those involved in the race were deeply motivated to raise money and awareness for this noble cause. I captured all different types of people who had come together for a great cause. It was a very emotional race because many people running or volunteering had lost a loved one to Pancreatic Cancer.

The Purple Stride

This year’s event was nothing short of perfect. It’s early enough in the morning that the day is still cool, and we lucked out with the sun’s presence on this particular day. The weather behaved ideally, and each participant had the true goal in mind throughout the entire day. It was great seeing so many people, whether racers or family fun walkers come out and join together to raise money and awareness. I have to say, I’m pretty positive that I walked far longer than 5K throughout the day!

I spoke shortly to a man who was walking with his family. Come to find out, he lost his brother to this disease so the Purple Stride very obviously held deep meaning for him. To watch all these individuals, walk and run was empowering and hopeful. I hope to shoot next year’s Purple Stride in DC.

Being able to be involved in the Washington D.C. PanCan 5K Race as their Event Photography expert was an experience I won’t soon forget.