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small venue, big talent!

Can you remember a time when you were utterly lost in a performance? So caught up in a song, or entranced by a voice that you felt you had truly experienced the music. Whether provided by a symphony, vocalist, or rock band… Many of us are grateful for these moments. But few take pause to think of the years of labor or the group effort that goes into making that experience possible. When the Glimmerglass Festival came to Washington DC for it’s recent fundraising efforts in support of the Glimmerglass Festival’s Young Artists program, they hired me as their Washington DC event photographer.

I was immensely impressed the with young talented opera singers who visited Washington DC. They participated in a recent fundraiser for the Glimmerglass Festival. A long running performing arts festival in Syracuse, New York.

Investing in Young Talent

Through it’s Young American Artists Program, Glimmerglass has been giving young opera performers an opportunity to develop and sharpen their skills for almost 30 years. The program assists young developing artists as they experience the full range of becoming a professional performer. From the most meticulous of vocal techniques to the most practical tasks of managing a career.

An Intimate Venue for big talent!

The intimate style of the opera performances at the fundraiser, coupled with the quality level of talent and investment in the arts, created a pairing that well-reflected the vision of the Glimmerglass Festival. Because of the fundraiser and the programs made available by the Glimmerglass Festival, these performers will go from performing for this intimate audience to showcasing their voices on some of the most exciting opera stages in the country.

I was immensely impressed with the young talent showcased at the  fundraiser for The Glimmerglass Festival. They were raising funds for their Young American Artists Program. I was their Washington DC event photographer