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Professional Headshots Washington DC professional headshots for Women and Men

corporate headshots in a competive market. Washington DC

Professional headshots: why they matter

As a professional photographer, it is my job to make you look good.  Professional headshots in today’s market is an essential and important way to separate yourself from your competition.  Headshots are a great way to market yourself.  They give a visual representation for people to view when they research the person they may be working with or interested in hiring.  It may be their first impression of you and you have complete control of your headshot, from what you wear and where you take it, to choosing the one that you feel best represents your personality and personal brand.  They can prove to be instrumental in getting the job you are applying for, locking in a new client and closing the deal.


Corporate headshots truly help to separate individuals in a competitive market.  It can be a very empowering move to have photos taken that represent you in a professional and positive light to post to your professional profiles and other marketing media.  I can help you to capture your personality and traits in a photo.  Today your online image is often the first thing a client and company is going to see.  Having the photographs that best represent you are a great way to help market yourself in this competitive environment.  They demonstrate you as an expert in your field and stand out in the crowd of competitors.