Project Description

Professional Headshots


Professional Headshots that do everything! 

This was a really challenging but interesting project for a large international consulting firm. As part of their rebranding, the client required new professional headshots for all 400+ senior consultants. We shot on location at their conference and in just two days, we successfully captured 400 executive quality headshots.  Here’s how we did it. We used two studio setups at their conference site. Each consultant was photographed and asked to review their headshot immediately to ensure each and every person was happy with their image. That headshot was then retouched and optimized. 

Shooting professional headshots  for 400 executives in 2 days was already a challenge but in addition to that, the client wanted to use the images in various forms of media so the image itself had to be flexible. For example, they needed:


• Headshot on white for use by the consultant/organization in high and low resolution.

• Headshot with background removed entirely for use with graphics (PNG). This is a format I recommend in addition to the jpg.  Since the background has been ‘removed’ it’s a great archive option should website designs change. It allows your design or marketing team to ‘drop’ in a background. That may be a simple color background or a more environmental background.

• Headshot dropped into a digital background shot in aspect ratio.

• Headshot resized to 1455 x 663 for consultant profile in their new website design. This elongated size was to allow for text to appear on the right side of the profile image.

• Headshot resized to thumbnail for their website.

To ensure our success in shooting for all these purposes, we worked closely with their marketing team, their in-house design team and their website developer. At the end of the day, everyone was pleased and happy with their professional headshots.