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marketing photography for senior living communities

I truly enjoyed working with Plantation Village Senior Living Community in Wilmington, North Carolina. They are currently working to redesign their website with new lifestyle photography.  It was important to get images of the seniors of the community participating in activities and events that the Retirement Living Community offers.  Websites that continue to rely on stock photography are finding themselves with an increasing credibility gap.  Viewers are more sophisticated and can tell when the images are models and display generic ‘lifestyle’ photos.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for stock photos, it’s just not on your website.

Plantation Village Lifestyle Photography

In this case the senior living facility of Plantation Village is working on a brand new website with a contemporary feel.  They wanted to use photos of real residents featuring photos of their seniors living and thriving within the community. I think we truly have properly depicted these residents enjoying and experiencing all that sets Plantation Village apart from other retirement communities.

This assignment took place over two days and included a lot of planning on multiple levels.  Several months prior to the shoot, their marketing and website agency created an outline of what they felt was needed for the new website.  The marketing and executive director at Plantation Village also had great ideas for ongoing marketing needs throughout the year… Email blasts, invitations to events and advertising, etc.

Our Volunteer Talent

The volunteer talent were so much fun to work with. They were such troopers considering some of the things I asked them to do.  The end product was a collection of several hundred photographs that highlight the gorgeous physical space of Plantation Village along with the vibe and energy of a great community of residents.  It’s about the true lifestyle, not ‘staged residency’.  Prospective clients of Plantation Village want to be able to see how life would look if they were to decide to move to the community.  And that is exactly the point when it comes to your online presence and marketing approach.  Your website should set you apart from your competitors.  Needless to say, photography is a vital aspect of promoting your specific brand and conveying what you have to offer in a positive and appealing way.


Lifestyle photography offers a glimpse into the life of what your are trying to brand or market. A vital aspect of any marketing effort!