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When it comes to senior living lifestyle photography,  a photo’s worth 1000 words. That’s especially true when you have 5-10 seconds to make a connection with a visitor to your website.  Photography helps tell your story, express your brand and personalize you to your target audience  One of my favorite projects this year was an advertising, website, and collateral photoshoot for Essex Meadows. Essex Meadows is a Senior Living Community in Essex Connecticut and part of the Life Care Services group of communities. Everything was aligned to make for a great shoot. Great location, perfect weather, and a fantastic crew. And did I mention the weather was perfect!  But it was the residents that made it a success. During two days we photographed a combination of set-up shots and more candid storytelling photography. This worked brilliantly. It allowed the marketing/advertising team to ensure they got their list of critical photographs and then also allowed me to tell the story in a more candid way. It suits my working style and gets my creative juices flowing. I wandered the community and met residents and everyone was just delightful. Residents helped me by just being involved in their daily lives and allowing me to photograph them.  They were also a total hoot! The results were a ton of great images. These were used in several different ways. Upgrading the photography on their website was very important. Although their previous images were pleasant, they lacked the energy that the community has.  A print advertising campaign new brochures and collateral print pieces were also part of the mix. I think the candid ‘storytelling’ photographs had more feeling and really helped the final ads have great energy to them.  It was a fantastic couple of days. The great people we worked with (crew, staff, and residents) really made it. We didn’t want to leave.