Fundraising Photography


Celebrating Whitman Walker I love portrait photography. One of my favorite projects this year was for the Whitman Walker Clinic, an organization that provides so much to so many people in Washington DC. Their goal was having photographs that create awareness and could be used at a fund raising event during the celebration opening of [...]

Headshots cool contemporary


More and more frequently clients need a business headshot that can cover a bunch of different bases. On the one hand a headshot with a plain white background or gray background and also something  cooler and more interesting that both grabs the viewers attention and also gives a much more interesting context. By using our [...]

washington dc portrait studios


Washington DC Portrait Studios.  It's all about the lighting. There are two portraits above, of the same person during the same portrait session. The only thing that changed was the lighting. Being in the portrait studio means we control the lighting completely. I'm in no way suggesting that outdoor portraits or location portraits are any less [...]