Senior Lifestyle


Professional Photography for Senior Living & Retirement Community Marketing Photographers Senior Lifestyle Photography This year I was hired to photograph two wonderful senior living communities needing senior lifestyle photography. The goal was to change people’s perception of what life is like in a senior living community. To that end they wanted us to create [...]

Fundraising Photography


Portrait Photography: Celebrating Whitman Walker I love portrait photography. One of my favorite projects this year was for the Whitman Walker Clinic, an organization that provides so much to so many people in Washington DC. Their goal was having photographs that create awareness and could be used at a fund raising event during the celebration [...]

Headshot Large Scale Recent Projects


Professional Headshots SHOOTING 400 HEADSHOTS & WEBSITE PROFILES IN 2 DAYS Professional Headshots that do everything!  This was a really challenging but interesting project for a large international consulting firm. As part of their rebranding, the client required new professional headshots for all 400+ senior consultants. We shot on location at [...]

Washington DC Event Photographer


Washington DC Event Photographer Washington dc event photographer. Event photography demands a wide variety of skills as well as a wide variety of equipment. I travel with several camera bodies and lenses which include very wide lenses like 14mm and up through to 200mm. Although I was a Nikon shooter for many years I [...]

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