One of the downsides of being in business for 20+ years is all the old ‘stuff’ that gathers and that you drag along gathering dust. Not just the mysterious cables to long junked technology, but the other less tangible junk.
URL’s that sit parked, old land lines, subscriptions to ‘things’ that get automatically renewed every year.
Specifically in this case (although I do have an impressive collection of mystery cables) PHONE NUMBERS ….. Land lines to be precise. So I dragged my many land lines gathered over the years (pre mobile phones) and finally junked them. I had the promise of numbers being forwarded and then ……. NOT. ATT – I hate you. I found out today that some clients still have my old land line number and can’t reach me. Talk about head smacking. So…. for the record, and for my lovely clients out there thinking I had run off and joined the Foreign Legion, my phone number is: 202 415 8167 ! two-zero-two-four-one-five-eight-one-six-seven. It’s the only number you’ll need (and no I don’t have a fax machine anymore)
Dust off the rolodex and update it.