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Real Estate Headshots

real estate headshots

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Realtors know the value of a home. Not just financially but emotionally. Home is such an important place for people. Home is where we start and end our day. It’s where we kick up our feet and relax. It’s where we spend time with friends and make lasting memories with our family. Home is what we envision when we’ve had a long day at work, and want nothing more than to unwind with a good book and an even better glass of wine. The base we easily slide into at times, and then sometimes it sounds more like screeching tires and shoes flying off before the keys meet the lock. Home is our comfort. Our safe place. Our final base.

It’s no wonder people put such stock into the perfect home. Finding a home can be stressful, albeit exciting. It’s so important to find just the right place, but along the way, it’s equally important to find the right realtor. People look for a real estate agent they can relate to. They want to feel confident that their realtor has their best interests at heart and that they grasp the gravity of this big, important step in their life. It’s no news-flash; buying real estate is often highly emotional.

The Washington DC & DMV real estate market remains hot; how will YOU stand out?

When I take professional real estate headshots, the most frequently asked question is “what should I wear?” Think a little bit about who your clients are. You can spend hours combing through your closet, but if you aren’t comfortable with what you choose, it’s going to show in your photos. ┬áThe focal point of a headshot is your face. You want to be approachable, engaging, and confident. No pressure. I know it seems like a big task to convey all these traits in a single photo. My best advice is to be relaxed. Wear something that makes you look professional, but also makes you feel good. Our goal is to portray the very best YOU so that when people are making that very big decision of who they want to represent them in their search for a home, their first impression is of someone they would feel comfortable with.

real estate headshots
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