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Professional Portraits. For this assignment I was creating professional portraits of Representative Michael McCaul, the Congressmen representing Texas’s 10th congressional district.  In addition, Representative McCaul is the Chairman of the House committee on Homeland Security.  Often in situations with busy executives and politicians,  the session tends to be rushed.  You have got to be prepared to always be on your A-Game.
In this case I arrived and waited around for a decent amount of time.  With important people, often the timeline gets shuffled and a photographer ends up waiting on their subject.  When your very important person does arrive, they typically do not have a lot of time to spare for their photograph.  They need it done well and quickly because they are scheduled to attend a committee meeting or vote.  You may only get 30 seconds with them before they announce that they are done and head out the door.
The takeaway in this situation it to always be prepared.  Just anticipate that when working with busy people you will not have a lot of time to get the shot.  Be ready to photograph right away! Acknowledge the time constraint but do not allow yourself to feel intimidated.  Just smile and be polite, and most importantly be sure to get the shot. If you arrived prepared and ready to shoot, you’ll know your settings and be able to concentrate on the creative aspects of the portrait. Given I had limited time, I am pleased with the headshot and environmental portrait I got of Representative Michael McCaul.  Capturing professional portraits is not always a relaxed endeavor. Sometimes it is rushed and hectic. It’s time to think on your feet!
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