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Product Photography. I love helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by photographing their products for promotion on their websites.  I have been working with Ben over the last few years in Washington DC, photographing his new Brancale cycling products.  It has been very exciting to see the growth of his niche in a really competitive market. Ben developed this line of high-end biking gear and is instrumental in bringing back the cycling brand.  It is a huge passion of mine to help entrepreneurs grow!  I feel that with my expertise in product photography for Ben, I am doing just that.

In this session, I took photos of the Seat Roll, which comes in three colors (seen in the product photo).  This is a hand-sewn product by Yanco.  I photographed the roll opened up so that the consumer may see that it has multiple pockets and view the size and shape of the product.  The second product shown is Winter Leather Cycling Gloves.  These are handmade in England out of sheep leather.
You can see there is a full view shot of the glove as well as a close up focusing on the details like stitching, material quality, and the adjustable snap that it features.  The third product pictured is the Winter Cycling Jersey, a blend of a classic design with modern features.  The fabric for this product is manufactured in Denmark and shipped to Italy where it is sewn.  The jacket features a zipper pocket that is useful for holding anything important that a cyclist may need easy access to on their ride.

Ben’s products are high quality and it is important to give the consumer an idea of each one’s durability as well as versatility.  His products are beautifully crafted and thoughtful for his consumer market.  I was happy to create photographs that reflect the quality of Brancale products.
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