Washington DC Event Photographer


Washington DC Event Photographer Washington dc event photographer. Event photography demands a wide variety of skills as well as a wide variety of equipment. I travel with several camera bodies and lenses which include very wide lenses like 14mm and up through to 200mm. Although I was a Nikon shooter for many years I [...]

Event Photography Washington DC. The Watergate Hotel


PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR GALA EVENTS Eikon Photography provides professional photography primarily in Washington DC, Northern Virginia especially in Arlington Va, Alexandria and the Tyson Corner Dulles Virginia area. Our work in Maryland is primarily up through Bethesda and Rockville Maryland up into Baltimore, Maryland. Our expertise are in these area of photography. Professional Headshots [...]

Event Photography Foodie


Event Photography. National Building Museum Washington DC Event photography at the National Building Museum is invariably a visual feast. The towering pillars and incredible architecture leaves it in a league of it's own among the many iconic event venues in Washington DC. It's a treat for lighting experts and musicians and caterers, This Washington [...]