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Washington DC Event Photographer

Washington dc event photographer. Event photography demands a wide variety of skills as well as a wide variety of equipment. I travel with several camera bodies and lenses which include very wide lenses like 14mm and up through to 200mm. Although I was a Nikon shooter for many years I switched to the full frame Sony A7r2 last year. I have to say it was a great move. I’m at events for sometimes 12 hours at a time and the weight alone can be tough on a person. I tend to like prime lenses and they are definitely sharper and I like super fast lenses that you can open and and create impact by isolating the subject. One area that I have found many event photographers neglect is the details, signage and the ‘bustle’ I like to think of it as the movement and energy at an event. Groups moving between meetings, going and and down escalators etc. rather than simply the speakers on stage. Of course those are important and you have to be aware of your clients wishes. If a keynote speaker like Sec. John Kerry is in the green room, you have to know about it and you have to be ready to head back there. Its a guarantee there will be some important photo opportunities

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Eikon Photography provides professional photography primarily in Washington DC, Northern Virginia especially in Arlington Va, Alexandria and the Tyson Corner Dulles Virginia area. Our work in Maryland is primarily up through Bethesda and Rockville Maryland up into Baltimore, Maryland.

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