Project Description

Portrait Photography: Celebrating Whitman Walker

I love portrait photography. One of my favorite projects this year was for the Whitman Walker Clinic, an organization that provides so much to so many people in Washington DC. Their goal was having photographs that create awareness and could be used at a fund raising event during the celebration opening of their new offices in Washington DC. What made this project extra fun is they let me come up with the visual theme. As a portrait photographer, it’s not often I get to have complete artistic freedom on a professional assignment. I decided to create a series of client and staff portraits that celebrated the new offices. The shoot was so much fun and I am so grateful to have been part of it. This kind of portrait photography required sensitivity and really good social skills to bring out the positive Whitman Walker message they wanted to convey from their own clients and staff. We also needed to be aware of how the images would be used and displayed which included having large prints to hang in the gallery where they held their celebration/fund raising gala event, then framed as prints to be hung in their beautiful new Washington DC location, used in different online and printed formats, and used at subsequent events and for their marketing and fundraising efforts. It was such a joyous project that I will remember for years to come.