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chubbies shorts

Marketing Photography. Marketing Photography is about ‘getting it’. That means understanding your client’s vision and projecting that in their marketing photography.  This was an epic fun shoot with the great new models for Chubbies Shorts. If you have not heard of Chubbies Shorts, check them out. Chubbies Shorts. Not only do they produce a fantastic product (I’m not beyond wearing boy’s shorts in fact I just ordered a pair) but they are made in the USA, Chubbies shorts are a fantastic example of a new generation of young entrepreneurs. They live and breathe customer engagement and they know their audience and how to reach them. Established only a few years ago they have now 40+ employees who all seem young, energetic, and smart. If you are interested in their story, they were featured in Forbes Magazine recently.

This shoot was the result of a nationwide competition where customers and fans chose 10 new Chubbies models’. They had an incredible 5000+ applications, and the final shortlist was voted on by Chubbies customers/fans.  The ten lucky chosen models just went through their first shoot for Chubbies. Five on the west coast and the others with me in Washington DC. We started in the studio with tons of shorts and lots of fun props. The feel was goofy dudes, chips, and beer.  The goal was a fun feel with a bunch of fun-loving dudes, not afraid to get a little crazy.  Guys that their audience could relate to.  After a half-day in the studio, we headed to Georgetown Water Front Park in Washington DC. It was cold but the guys were troopers given they were in shorts. We generated a crowd when we got the guys into their ‘Victorias secret’ style angel wings down by the water. These guys knocked it out of the park.

Marketing Photography