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Headshot photography for attorneys

linkedIn headshots. white background

LinkedIn Headshots are tiny but important. Headshots are an important tool for a professional first impression. LinkedIn profiles play an increasingly important part of your online professional presence. LinkedIn is increasingly the first “meeting” potential clients, employers, and business contacts have with you in this day and age of technology and social media. When your first contact consists of texts, emails, and messages via LinkedIn you want to be able to stand out amongst hundreds of other great qualifiers. 

Firstly hire a professional photographer to take headshots in order to effectively market yourself and your business. For your website, business cards, or promotional products it’s great to use whatever background you think fits your image, whether you choose digital or at an actual location. However, when connecting with other professionals on sites such as LinkedIn it is really beneficial to choose a headshot with just a solid white background. When searching for their specific needs, people will encounter hundreds, sometimes thousands, of thumbnail-sized portraits that meet their criteria. With smartphones and tablets easily at their disposal, people often aren’t even getting the full thumbnail when they search so that makes your portrait even smaller still. The best way to stand apart is to have a professional headshot with no distractions, where your face is the sole focus that draws people in. With a professional headshot set against a crisp WHITE background, you’re ensuring that it’s YOU that catches the eye of potential business contacts amongst a sea of bad quality selfies, busy distracting backgrounds, and even people with no pictures at all. You can easily change the look of your headshot on LinkedIn by switching it to black and white, and back again to full color whenever you feel you need a change. However, make sure you stick with that solid white background so that you always stand out, even when the thumbnail is the size of, well, an actual thumbnail! 

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