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Does your company website help your future clients to trust the services you offer? Is your website up to date? Is it appealing to the viewer? Lifestyle photography can help with redefining your website and re-branding your company.

We recently spent part of the day with Young Dentist Practice. The website inherited by them really needed updating. And I’m not talking about a few photos – they needed a complete re-brand and website redesign from the ground up. So, when they decided to start a new approach for their visuals, we were very excited. During this session, we photographed their newly renovated offices and a series of staff portraits. One core value that this office really exhibits is building strong relationships with their patients. Therefore, we took some environmental portraits of the owner/dentist, and then a series of photographs emphasizing the relationships between the patients and staff. The photos we captured portrays happy patients that have a personal connection with the staff members in the office.

Photographs for websites are not just to show great offices, but ultimately show the viewer how they will feel upon entering and leaving. It significantly builds credibility with prospective clients, and leaves them with that warm fuzzy feeling that will set you apart from your competitors.


Lifestyle photography is a compelling and innovative way to approach your re-branding or website redesign. Photographs of your business showing how it can add value to your clients convert viewers into customers. Interested in learning more?