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new eikon photography website

old post alert!

The newly redesigned website launched today!! Yes I know it’s a bit buggy, has horrible grammar, and needs more than just a few tweaks, but eventually, you just have to dive in and go live!!  I fully expect to hear from both my ‘geek’ and ‘literary’ friends about all the things that need to be fixed, and in fact, that would be helpful. (if you could try and be kind –  it’s been a hard week) Sigh… I know about the ludicrously large RSS feed button

The thought crossed my mind for almost ten seconds, that I should write something about all the fun I’ve had redesigning my  website. Well, I could, but that would be a lie. In fact, it’s been so much fun that I actually googled ‘Tourette’s syndrome symptoms’ the other day. Still, it had to be redesigned and six months in the making (four months late) it’s done ‘ish.

Why a whole website redesign? While I  loved my old site visually, it was built on an older version of Ruby on Rails and was barely hobbling along (many outages )without letting me update in any meaningful way, so it was time to move on. WordPress was the best solution for me.   It’s allowed me to show a wider diversity of my work and hopefully expand my client base more easily and communicate with my clients more efficiently. Some existing clients and many website visitors have no idea the range of subjects and event types that I photograph. Actually, sometimes a given workweek will even surprise me. A few weeks ago I had one week where I photographed a super interesting and very graphic medical conference (including cadaver day), a speaking event with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, a symposium on alternative-fueled vehicles, and 35 headshots for an attorney office. Oh, and of course a lovely mid-week gay wedding too…

So please do come on over and take a look at the redesign, –  stomp around on a few pages and let me know what you think!

BTW … me and the FIFA World cup…  the original don’t you know!