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Photography for Events in Virginia

I photographed the FIFA World Cup...


Photography can get you into some unusual places. This is me with the FIFA World Cup… and I didn’t even go to Brazil. That’s me with the World Cup … and say NOTHING about my hair. I had been on the tarmac at Dulles International airport on the windiest day of the year waiting for it’s arrival in DC. It was on an 80 city world tour, in it’s own private boeing 747, with it’s personal handler Larry (no one else gets to touch it) along with a host of FIFA VIP’s, a million marketing people and lots of  Coca Cola executives.  Coca Cola sponsored the tour, so plenty of coke products and branding on hand. The award wining marching band from Balfour High School in Virginia was there to play and march before opening comments to the press from the FIFA  head (a woman, Swiss I think) and then off it went in it’s own limo to the Brazilian Embassy in DC for more fun. A reception event at the Brazilian Embassy. I don’t tend to watch much football (soccer to you here in the US). I’m British and last time any UK team won, was 1965 I think, which is a bit sad for a country who worships the game. It was a fun shoot even with windy conditions at Dulles Airport. Plenty of photographers on hand. Lots of people being important. A couple of funny things that weren’t supposed to happen. Some days, I really do have the best job