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Headshots are a great way to give a visual example of who you are and what you do.  If you want to beat your competition, then really stand out with a creative headshot!  Depending on your profession, your headshot can be a little more ‘out of the box’. These first impressions truly grab the spotlight.  Showing and featuring yourself and your profession can give people an idea of your personality but also ensure that you are remembered.

Incorporate Creativity

Perhaps you work for Apple, like the executive I photographed.  Incorporating the old monitor was a fun and creative way to showcase the company he is a part of and the success they have had over the years.  You don’t have to incorporate props. Sometimes using an interesting background can be a fun way to separate you from other headshots as a professional.  Another option that often works well is to have a more candid look to your headshots. This can really give viewers a sense of your personality and draw in the viewer.

Incorporate Subtle Elements

Having some fun and finding subtle elements of a photo to express individuality allows whoever is viewing the photo to feel like they are getting to know the person, in a sense. By adding familiarity, the viewer is encouraged to want to interact with the subject.  Showing personality also shows a level of confidence that  can set you apart and help people remember you.  Beyond other considerations it also makes your headshot session a more fun and enjoyable experience.
Get creative with your headshots! Think outside the box and incorporate different aspects of your career into your professional portrait. Find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd.
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creative headshots women
creative headshots DC