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a great headshot is a key part of your personal branding

selfie headshots.

Face it, if your friend’s arm is making a cameo appearance in your LinkedIn profile headshot or worse still you’re using a ‘selfie’ then you seriously need to rethink!

Here’s a case in point. ‘Judy’ called – new career goals, a spanking new job with the opportunity for some real advancement. They ask for her headshot. Ah, right. Judy tried the selfie headshot but thought better of it. She was brave enough to share the comparison. I don’t think there’s a need to say much more. A quick google search for ‘bad headshots’ returns a stunning array of horrible headshots. At least 25% of clients have a sudden urgent need for a headshot, so the temptation to have a coworker photograph you standing up against that office wall is attractive – but the end result is not putting your best image out into the world(see below)

We have same-day and next-day service. Our super-duper retoucher takes out the fine lines, smooths out the skin tones, makes those wispy flyaway hairs disappear, and gives your smile a nice white boost! If you would like a complimentary consultation I am happy to help. We can talk about the kind of image that would suit your goals. Here are some of the questions to consider.

What use is the business portrait or headshot for? If it’s professional use, what kind of business are you in? An attorney may need a very different look than a graphic artist. Choosing a background can be important. White tends towards a clean bright look. Portraits with dark gray backgrounds can look very professional. Blue is still sometimes used although not as much as in the past.


selfie headshot