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Headshots and event photography Eikon Photo, Washington DC

Eikon Eikon Everywhere ....

Where’s Eikon Photography? Apparently everywhere!

When I first started Eikon Photography back in 1992, I was careful to research the use of the name before choosing it for my business name. I’ve been asked a thousand times (ok slight exaggeration) what the word Eikon actually means. So, for all of you dying to know … Eikon is the Greek root of the word ‘icon’ It was adopted into latin in the mid 16th century and means : likeness, image. I chose to use the Greek spelling. I am not Greek, I’m English. If you want to read the full monty on the meaning, try here. Well back in 1992, other than a wonderful visual magazine published in Germany, there was no one using the name Eikon. Fast forward to today ….. yikes, there’s a million. I thought the name would be obscure enough to remain unique. Apparently not so much. So to dispel any confusion, here are a few of the ‘Eikon’ s that I am NOT.   Nope – not me. Well, actually I don’t sell tattoo equipment. No surprises there.         Christian Based, Family Owned photography. Definitely not me. I’m all about diversity and inclusion. I’m happy regardless of anyones religion, sexual preference, race, or shoe size. Here’s another Eikon in Nigeria ! This is cool, but I have not gone multinational as of yet. Actually keeping up with DC is quite enough. Welcome To Eikonworld Productions (Nigerian Based Wedding … Nope, I’ve not established any churches recently either, and not very likely to. 2013 Eikon – Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale        California here we come? Not so fast! Now this is where most confusion has arisen. Yep there’s another one. Eikon Photography out in sunny CA do lovely work, and occasionally we get clients who somehow mix us up. This is even more the case since one of the owners shares the same first name with me (although spelled differently) And the list goes on .. 5 production companies, several in France, a couple of wedding video companies and a few things techie that I don’t understand! And I just discovered the Eikon spa somewhere in PA. Nice, but not me. Here’s “Eikon Photography Washington DC”