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professional Photographer Corporate Events. EikonPhoto

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Eikon Photography DC Photographer EikonPhoto. I’m not a big fan of inspirational messages, but this is one that holds a lot of truth. I grew up in a curious family (in more ways than one). If there was a way… Read More »Quote Post

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photography for websites

Photography for websites and business

Business Photography 10 seconds. That’s how long you have before a visitor clicks away from your website ….. unless you can give them a compelling reason to stick around. So says studies done by Microsoft Research   
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Cartoon by Tim Whyatt. Bug driving a convertable

Too funny …

wonder why you’re getting that puzzled look from people? When I saw this cartoon, I just knew I had to post it about it. I live on Capitol Hill and every month I thumb through the latest edition of the… Read More »Too funny …