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headshot photo - do you need one?

First impressions are important, both in our personal and professional lives. In a career setting, the first impression often comes before we ever meet the person face to face. The stakes are high when correspondence via phone calls, emails, or messages are your only means of making the first representation of yourself. It’s important that your client can put a face with your name, and a professional headshot photo can make all the difference when it comes to kicking off a lasting relationship.

When clients come to me for professional headshots, I like to take into consideration what they are wanting to convey to their clientele. What is the biggest asset in your market? What sets you apart? Do you want to portray approachability and confidence most? Maybe you want to portray hard work and a go-getter attitude. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say a different background can change the story entirely. The photo itself is important, but the background just may be what sets it apart. You may opt for a solid background where you are the only subject, or you may decide you like a busier background where you become the focal point. Sometimes people choose to use different variations of their headshots for different purposes. For this reason, I like to offer a package where you can get the best of both worlds, and take your headshot to a whole new level! My digital headshot package provides a headshot with a simple white or gray background,  paired with that same headshot superimposed on various digital backgrounds. This gives you a multi-use outlet that you can utilize in a myriad of ways, and helps you to make the most of your headshot to ensure the best first impression possible! it also means more bang for your buck!

Here’s a little bit about the process. After we settle on the best headshot photo for you, we create a png file (think cut-out of you). We then place your headshot on digital background. These are tailored to your profession and the emotional appeal factor and sometimes the colors you’re wearing. Oh, and of course there’s the retouching!

Here’s more detail on all my headshot options.