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I need 8 Seconds of your time …. Please Help me win!

It's voting time in DC ..... and I promise you, your vote counts and means an immense amount to me. Click below .... and vote for me! It's super quick I promise. I don't get a prize or a check but it's a great help to my business. Voting ends soon. Washington City Paper .....Help [...]

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And the winner is …

I don't know who designed this great trophy, but I think it's fabulous!  Last week Nando's best grill masters from around the country battled it out at National Harbor Maryland to win bragging rights AND to represent Nando's Peri Peri at their international grill master competition later this year .... in LONDON ! Pairs of grill [...]

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IT’S ALIVE …. give my monster life! And a spanky new eikonphoto website comes to life!

The newly redesigned  launched today!! Yes I know it's a bit buggy, has horrible grammar and needs more than just a few tweaks, but eventually you just have to dive in and go live!!  I fully expect to hear from both my 'geek' and 'literary' friends about all the things that need to be fixed, and in [...]

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How to get great Headshots

Best Headshots and how to get them How to get the best headshots How to get the best headshots This short video is also on my FAQ page, but I thought I would just put it on this post too. Apparently a lot of visitors start here on my blog, which is nice. Getting the [...]

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Bringing meaning to photography every single day

Thoreau didn't have a camera, but he says in perfectly. I try and bring meaning to every photograph I take, every single day. My studio used to be in Concord Massachusetts and I lived in Wayland Ma. Every morning my drive to work was through the spectacular Walden Park, around Walden Pond and passing by [...]

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Eikon Eikon Everywhere ….

Where’s Eikon Photography? Apparently everywhere! When I first started Eikon Photography back in 1992, I was careful to research the use of the name before choosing it for my business name. I’ve been asked a thousand times (ok slight exaggeration) what the word Eikon actually means. So, for all of you dying to know ... Eikon [...]

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Too funny …

wonder why you're getting that puzzled look from people? When I saw this cartoon, I just knew I had to post it about it. I live on Capitol Hill and every month I thumb through the latest edition of the Hill Rag where urgent matters of local interest are expounded upon. Parking, restaurants, zoning board, garden [...]

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Quote Post

. EikonPhoto EikonPhoto. I'm not a big fan of inspirational messages, but this is one that holds a lot of truth. I grew up in a curious family (in more ways than one). If there was a way to fix something, we did. If we failed - we didn't just curl up and hide under [...]

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