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I don’t know who designed this great trophy, but I think it’s fabulous!  Last week Nando’s best grill masters from around the country battled it out at National Harbor Maryland to win bragging rights AND to represent Nando’s Peri Peri at their international grill master competition later this year …. in LONDON ! Pairs of grill masters from their finalist restaurants paired off against each other until there were the final six.  Congratulations to Nathaniel the winner, who wins a trip to the World Nando’s grilling championship in London.   It was fun to photograph albeit a bit toasty near the grill. Good energy, lots of audience cheer section participation and tons of great images to tell the story of their event! Being Nando’s event photographer is always fun.  They have the best company picnic (first time shooting a pie eating contest for me!) and a wild christmas party. They sport a hip young corporate culture  and they appear to focus on developing their staff. It’s really nice to see, especially in the food service industry. From my vantage point at least there seems a genuine effort to get ‘buy in’ from employees at all levels, in a way that their line staff can feel a part of, rather than one forced from way on high.They have kind of a cool story, if you’re interested here’s their wikipedia profile.’s I don’t know where all the Nando’s restaurants are in the area, but I do know there’s the one at National Harbor and one here in DC near National’s Park, but I’m sure you can find more of their location son their website. Nando’s Peri Peri